React Native Basic Questions

Short Answers Of React Native Basic Questions

Here are the React Native basic questions for beginners to understand the React Native.

What is the React Native?
Like ReactJS it is the javascript framework but used to build the Android and IOS apps in native code. All code is written in Typescript or Javascript. Thousand of apps are using React Native.

What are the differences between the ReactJS and React Native?
ReactJS is used to build the web user interfaces. React Native uses a native library to build the whole mobile apps.
ReactJS provides the HTML component but React Native provides the set of components (not HTML) for mobile apps.

What is the common between the ReactJS and React Native?
Javascript is the common thing. React Native is javascript framework and ReactJS is the javascript library. Both follow the component-based architecture.

Is React Native has a virtual DOM concept?
We can say YES, React Native builds a tree structure of components.

What should I need to develop the React Native app?
1 -> Install the Node.JS 2-> Use an IDE like Visual Studio Code 3 -> npm install -g create-react-native-app 4 -> creat-react-native-app appName

What are the differences between the Ionic framework and React Native framework?
Ionic develops Hybrid apps with help of PhoneGap and Cordova using HTML5, CSS & Javascript/TypeScript and runs on the Webview. React Native develops the real apps using JSX or Javascript.

Can I develop the Windows app on React Native?
Yes, you can do but you need Android Studio and JDK.

When to avoid the React Native development?
If you develop the complex apps and you have the concern about the performance then you should avoid the React Native.

How do I debug in React Native?
Read this
or ->

Which IDE is best for React Native development?
For me, Visual Studio Code is the best.

What are the alternatives to React Native?
The Ionic framework is one of the alternatives to React Native.

Is React Native has own programming language?
No, Javascript with JSX is enough to develop the React Native apps.

List the React Native component life cycle?

  • componentWillMount
  • componentDidMount
  • componentWillReceiveProps
  • shouldComponentUpdate
  • componentWillUpdate
  • componentDidUpdate
  • componentWillUnmount

How can I post the data on the server in React Native?
You can use Fetch API.

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