WordPress Basic Questions

Here are some WordPress Basic Questions & Short Answers.

What is the difference between page and post in WordPress?
Pages are static and there is not any tag and category related to WordPress pages but on the other hand, posts are associated to blogs.

What does the mean of default template tags in WordPress?
Template tags are the PHP functions. We call these functions to display the content or perform the action as per need. For example

Here is tags list

What is function of WordPress hooks?
Hook uses to manipulate in PHP tags. Hooks are applied on Actions and Filters. For example, If you want to display the title in upper case.

If you want to add some text on after header

What does the wp_rand() function do?
To generates the random number.

What does the mean of taxonomies in WordPress?
Grouping of posts or content into categories or tags is called taxonomies in WordPress.

What is the default image size in WordPress?
Thumbnail, Medium, Large and Full.

How to control the user’s permissions in WordPress?
WordPress has own user management system. There are five default user’s roles. Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor, Subscriber. For example, Contributor can only add and edit own post but he can’t publish the post.

How do register the shortcode in WordPress?
In Theme Functions (functions.php) add the following code

and use this in your page or post as [code_name].

What does the mean of multisite in WordPress?
It is a WordPress configuration features that support multiple (MU) sites by creating a network.

How does temporarily data store in WordPress?
By using Transients API.

Is debug possible in WordPress?
Yes, it’s possible by setting WP_DEBUG as true in wp-config.php. The error will be display on your WordPress dashboard.

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