HTML Meta Tags Basic Questions

It’s very important to know about the HTML meta tags for a web developer. There are many purposes and uses of the meta tags. Meta tags describe the purpose of the website to search engine. Following are some basic questions and their answers.

HTML Meta Tags

Q1: What does the purpose of meta tag in HTML?

Meta tags are used to keeping the information/description of HTML document for the browser to decoding, interpreting, setting cookies, page refreshing, page redirection & controlling to display the content. For the search engine or web crawlers to indexing the HTML document with the help of metadata like keywords. For webmaster tools to verify the owner of the page.

Q2: How does the internet browser use the meta tag?

Metadata is represent by the <meta> element tag in HTML page. All meta tags must be inside the <head></head> tag because browser reads the metadata inside the <head> tag. When the browser parses or compiles the HTML document, it also parses the meta tags and then acts upon this metadata to display the content. Meta tag contains the name and content attribute.

<meta> does not display on HTML page. If you want the page to refresh automatically after 60 seconds so you can add <meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”60″>

Q3: What is the relation between HTML meta tags and SEO?

Meta tag <meta> with the name ‘keywords’ has very important to SEO. Google crawler, crawlers the HTML page to find the page title, keywords (in meta tags) and then find these keywords in HTML page content and finally indexes that website page. SEO tag should be present in content and within <h2><h2/> heading.

Q4: What does the mean of referrer HTML meta tag?

Referrer meta tag handles the HTTP referrer. Referrer meta tag uses to identify the referrer URL.

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Q5: What are the important meta tags?

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