JavaScript Basic Questions

I am sharing some JavaScript basic questions to improve your JavaScript concepts.

Q1: What do I need to know before learning JavaScript?

It would be nice if you know about basic computers, HTMLs, and CSSs. Because JavaScript is used to manipulating the CSS and HTML. Basically, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript play a key role in web development. JavaScript syntax looks like C language. Nowadays javascript is not just for web development.

Q2: What is the best IDE to develop a JavaScript program?

JavaScript is a very lightweight programming language and you can write a code in Notepad and save file with .js extension. There are many IDEs for javascript like Visual Studio Code, WebStorm, Brackets etc… Visual Studio Code provides the best IntelliSense for JavaScript.

Q3: Where does the JavaScript code run?

Javascript is a programing language which supports the scripts, means JavaScript is not needed to compile. Javascript code executes on the run-time environment (single thread) like internet browser (client-side) and NodeJS (Chrome V8) (server-side) where code executes line-by-line.

Q4: How can I debug the JavaScript code?

Basically, every modern browser has JavaScript debugging tool. Like in Chrome browser press (Ctrl + Shift + I or Cmd + Opt + I) open the developer tab, where you can set the breakpoint. In your javascript code, if you type console.log(‘hi’) then after executing the code, the browser will show the ‘hi’ message in the Console tab. You can use alert(‘hi’) too. Here are very useful tips.

Q5: Is JavaScript has versions?

Yes, but the developer has not concerned about JavaScript version. JavaScript standardized under the ECMA. Latest version ECMAScript 8 is poorly supported in browsers. Therefore, you may use the babel library (a transpiler) to convert the jsx into javascript to browser support.

Q6: Where can I find the JavaScript syntax?

Here are ECMAScript publications.

Q7: Should I know about the Java programming before start learning the javascript?

No, There is not a technical relation between Java and javascript. Javascript is not the part of Java and it is not the subset of javascript.

Q8: What does the mean of client-side programming?

Client-side means front-end or user-end. Client-side programming interacts with the user interface. In web development javascript, flash and java applets are examples of client-side programming.

Q9: Where can I test my javascript programming skills?

There are quizzes on W3Schools to check your ability.
Check this website hackerrank

Q10: What are the alternatives to Javascript?

There are many alternatives to Javascript. Mostly are converted into the javascript because javascript fully supported on the browser. Typescript (Superset of javascript), Dart, CoffeeScript etc…

Q11: Can we use JavaScript as a server-side langauge?

Yes, It is done by using Node.js to run the script on server-side.

Q12: Who created the JavaScript language?

It was created by Brendan Eich (an American programmer) in 1995.

Q13: What does mean by Prototype in JavaScript?

Basicallay, It is a way to add the property or method in the JavaScript object.


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